Historical Figures

History is full of fascinating, tragic, and glorious people. Here are the stories of a few such individuals. Be aware that there are, of course, facts I'm leaving out, and this this page is more for amusement than historical research. The stories are not written solemnly, but rather in a way I hope communicates the sheer awesomeness of their contents.

Ching Shih - A Chinese woman recognized as the world's greatest pirate ever, so fierce and powerful she was called The Terror of South China.

Juan Pujol Garcia - A WW2 agent who fed mountains of lies to the Nazi spy service for almost 10 years; possibly the greatest double-agent in history. A Spanish fascist-hater known to the Allies as Agent GARBO.

Julie D'Aubigny - A legendary figure of 17th century France best known as La Maupin. Sword-fighter, opera-singer, arsonist, and a hardcore bisexual.