Dress-Up/Character Creations

I can't draw, so I use dress-up games instead. Below are some of the random things I've made, along with a description/story idea. Be prepared: it's a long scroll down, and it's multiple pages long. Like for the Story Ideas, you can email me if you want to use the plot. The only one which you can't use is Blue Stars: Floor 20 (I'm actually going to try writing it eventually).

Blue Stars: Floor 20

Set in a reality similar to a video game, The Blue Stars follows Sandrine and her friends as they slay monsters, bosses, and really just anyone stupid enough to get in their way. Featuring (in alphabetic order) Axle, the Nonexistant Anomaly; Evelyn, the Fearless One; Fen, the Walking Encyclopedia Vampire; Laurelise, the Damsel in Distress But Only For Now; Marcelle, the Rich Kid; Sandrine, the Impossible Superwoman; and Susy, Queen of Sass (aka everyone's favorite character); The first 5 chapters can be found on my Wattpad (link on the home page).

GAME: RinmaruGames, JRPG Heroine Creator || http://www.rinmarugames.com/playgame.php?game_link=jrpg-heroine-creator-warrior

Axle 1

Axle, Daily Style

Axle 2

Axle, Fancy Suit

Axle 3

Axle, Battle Equip (Anomaly)

Evelyn 1

Evelyn, Daily Style (Elf)

Evelyn 2

Evelyn, Fancy Dress

Evelyn 3

Evelyn, Battle Equip (Untitled)

Fen 1

Fen, Daily Style

Fen 2

Fen, Fancy Dress

Fen 3

Fen, Battle Equip (Bronze Ripper)

Laurelise 1

Laurelise, Daily Style (Free)

Laurelise 2

Laurelise, Daily Style (Captive Damsel)

Laurelise 3

Laurelise, Battle Equip (Maiden Star)

Marcelle 1

Marcelle, Daily Style (Casual)

Marcelle 2

Marcelle, Daily/Fancy Style (Young Duchess)

Marcelle 3

Marcelle, Battle Equip (I forgot her title, oops)

Sandrine 1

Sandrine, Daily Style

Sandrine 2

Sandrine, Fancy Dress (Princess)

Sandrine 3

Sandrine, Battle Equip (Knight Star)

Susy 1

Susy, Daily Style (Thief)

Susy 2

Susy, Fancy Dress

Susy 3

Susy, Battle Equip (Dark Ebony)

Cinderella's Secret

Guess what? Another Cinderella story! I have a strange interest in making her a villain though. In this one, Cinderella uses dark magic to enslave her godmother. She then proceeds to snatch the prince away from the girl he actually loves through magic, gets engaged to him, and puts everyone under a spell so they don't question anything. It's a flimsy spell though, and works best on men. The story starts when two princesses visiting for the ball (Lydia and Kamiri) notice that something's off and end up allying with the court wizard to discover the truth about Cinderella's insane and sudden power grab. They then embark on a quest (without the wizard, who stays to watch Cinderella and do research) where they aim to gather the ingredients to a ritual spell that will free the fairy godmother (the idea being that the godmother will take away Cinderella to be punished according to fairy law).

GAME: Azaleasdolls OR RinmaruGames, Cinderella || http://www.azaleasdolls.com/princess/game_cinderella-ballgown.php

Cinderella 1

Cinderella, at the Ball

Cinderella 2

Cinderella, Daily Princess

Cinderella 3

Cinderella, Daily Princess

Cinderella 4

Cinderella, Attacked/Exposed (at the end)

Random Princess

Random extra princess, made for no real reason

Princess Marianne

Princess Marianne (Prince's True Love)

Anastasia 1

Anastasia, Prison

Anastasia 2

Anastasia, Free

Drizella 1

Drizella, Prison

Drizella 1

Drizella, Free

Kamiri 1

Kamiri, at the Ball

Kamiri 2

Kamiri, at the palace (before quest)

Kamiri 3

Kamiri, Questing (dressed as a peasant)

Kamiri 4

Kamiri, Questing (in her kingdom, Kyriese)

Kamiri 5

Kamiri, at the palace (after quest)

Lydia 1

Lydia, at the Ball

Lydia 2

Lydia, at the palace (before quest)

Lydia 3

Lydia, Questing (dressed as a peasant)

Lydia 4

Lydia, Questing (in Kamiri's kingdom, Kyriese)

Lydia 5

Lydia, at the palace (after quest)

NaNoWriMo 2015 (Untitled)

Set in the Star Wars Universe.

After the second Death Star is destroyed, Storm Troopers (STs) fled anywhere they could. Some went to Tatooine, where Lusa Ablanti lived with her parents and twin sister Megan. After a few STs showed up at their door and ended up killing her parents, Lusa's intense feelings unlocked her fire magic. She swore to avenge her parents by killing as many STs as she could. When she goes to Mos Eisley, she rescues a young woman Andella who was forced to work in a brothel, and together they have enough money for a flight. After a couple of adventures, they get a ride to Coruscant with charismatic Captain Bolt. Along the way, they meet Exe-Zoor, tech genius; Gizmora, who has lightning magic; and Darth Mynx, a jedi trying to keep the dark side alive. On Coruscant, it's revealed that Bolt is a jedi, and information leads the group back to Tatooine, where Megan joins them (also swearing revenge) because an ST killed her husband Hamal. With the final addition of princesses Dantasiya and Simrene, they chase Mynx across the galaxy and clash with her dark forces every step of the way.

GAME: Azaleasdolls, Sci-fi Warrior || http://azaleasdolls.com/dressupgames/scifi-warrior.php

Andella 1

Andella, Tatooine

Andella 2

Andella, off Tatooine/Daily

Andella 3

Andella, Combat (blaster)

Bolt 1

Andella, Tatooine

Bolt 2

Andella, off Tatooine/Daily

Bolt 3

Andella, Combat (blaster)

Bolt 4

Andella, Tatooine

Bolt 5

Bolt, teaching (lightsaber)

Mynx 1

Mynx, Combat (lightsaber)

Mynx 2

Mynx, Daily

Mynx 3

Mynx, Training (lightsaber)

Exe-Zoor 1

Exe-Zoor, Daily

Exe-Zoor 2

Exe-Zoor, combat (blasters)

Exe-Zoor 3

Exe-Zoor, on Yama Prime (her home planet)

Gizmora 1

Gizmora, on Riddled (no control over powers)

Gizmora 2

Gizmora, Daily (control gloves on)

Gizmora 3

Gizmora, Combat (powers, control gloves off)

Lusa 1

Lusa, Tatooine (pre-powers)

Lusa 2

Lusa, Daily (off Tatooine)

Lusa 3

Lusa, Combat (powers)

Lusa 4

Lusa, Couruscant (council guest)

Megan 1

Lusa, Daily (off Tatooine)

Megan 2

Megan, Wedding

Megan 3

Megan, Daily (off planet)

Megan 4

Megan, Combat (lightsaber)

Megan 5

Megan, Coursucant (council guest)

Witches of the Ravine

Written as a joint journal.

Cymotheria is the sister of Ursula (from the Little Mermaid) and she lures sailors into the sea, gets pregant and then kills them. The journal is written from the perspective of her 20 daughters: in order (and with their lower half), they are Atlantis (mature and caring/octopus), Galene (hates the whole family/octopus), Coraline (idolizes her mom, loves being evil/octopus), the triplets (? ? ?/seahorse), ? (lazy as hell and sleeps all the time/mermaid), the twins (? ?/orca whale), ? (siren in training/octopus), ? (very smart and bookish/shark) ? (cheerful and energetic/gillywel), ? (teen rebel, pessimist/gillywel), Charybdis (insane, pyromaniac, pet anglerfish/shark), ? (sneaky and untrustworthy/eel), ? (sporty, energetic/seahorse), ? (alchemist, curious/mermaid), ? (knows all the secrets, shy, quiet/eel), ? (loves Coraline and mother, wants to be evil, just a kid/mermaid), and ? (a baby/mermaid). Cymotheria herself is an octopus, and basically does what Ursula did, only better, less obviously, and with a much nicer home.

GAME: Azaleasdolls, Mermaid Creator OR Scene || http://azaleasdolls.com/dressupgames/mermaid-scene.php <-- OR /mermaid-creator.php

Mother, 1-3

Cymotheria, Atlantis, Galene, Coraline, ?

Mother, 1-3 (Fancy)

Cymotheria, Atlantis, Galene, Coraline (Fancy)


Triplets(???) Lazy(?)

4-7 (Fancy)

Triplets(???) Lazy(?) (Fancy)


Twins(??) Siren(?) Book Nerd(?)

8-11 (Fancy)

Twins(??) Siren(?) Book Nerd(?) (Fancy)


Happy(?) Rebel(?) Charybdis, Sneaky(?)

12-15 (Fancy)

Happy(?) Rebel(?) Charybdis, Sneaky(?) (Fancy)

16-18 (Fancy)

Sporty(?) Ariel(?) Shy(?) (Fancy)


Sporty(?) Ariel(?) Shy(?)


Description below each picture, with the base idea. There's no story whatsoever, I just made a bunch of stuff. Scene maker based off of Disney's Fantasia centaurs.

GAME: Azaleasdolls, Centaur Scene || http://www.azaleasdolls.com/dressupgames/centaur-scene.php

Family 1

Two centaurs and their daughter

Family 2

Two centaurs and their twin daughters, fleeing a centaur hunt or something (? idk)

Twin 1 Couple

Long-haired daughter (from the top right picture) with her fiance, years later. Parents died, some lord adopted her

Twin 2 Couple

Short-haired daughter (from the top right picture) with her boyfriend, years later. Parents died, some shopkeeper adopted her

Couple 1

Waterside couple

Couple 2

Valley Couple

Pegasus Family

Pegasus Family

Pegicorn Family

Pegicorn Family

Gamma Lynx

Same world as Blue Stars (on page 1). However, this guild is characterized by all the members looking fairly harmless and/or low-level. Unfortunately for their enemies, when they go into battle they reveal that they're actually very, very strong. And they have no qualms about kicking your butt.

GAME: RinmaruGames || I used 4 so hahaha no. No links. But the ones I used are Jrpg heroine creator: Warrior / Jrpg heroine creator: Cleric / Jrpg heroine creator: Thief / Anime Fairy Creator

Brielle 1

Brielle / Oversees Guild Provisions / Daily

Brielle 2

Brielle / Lance / Battle

Caine 1

Caine / Holds Keys / Daily

Caine 2

Caine / Whip / Battle

Calypso 1

Calypso / Controls Coinpurse / Daily

Calypso 2

Calypso / Curse Breaker / Battle

Ever 1

Ever / Healer / Daily

Ever 2

Ever / Mage / Battle

Layla 1

Layla / Joint Leader / Daily

Layla 2

Layla / One-Handed (Rapier) / Battle

Macie 1

Macie / Joint Leader / Daily

Macie 2

Macie / Two-Handed (Broadsword) / Battle

Rose 1

Rose / Navigator / Daily

Rose 2

Rose / Thief-Bomber / Battle

Solace 1

Solace / Backup guide-navigator / Daily

Solace 2

Solace / Two-handed (Axe and chain) / Battle

Tessa 1

Tessa / Fairy Guide / Daily

Tessa 2

Tessa / Conductor / Battle

Fantasia League

There's no real story here, but I made a bunch of pictures about a guild working the way Fairy Tail from Fairy Tail does.

GAME: DollsDivine, X-Girl || http://www.dolldivine.com/x-girl.php


Envy. Uses Distortion magic


Scorn. Uses Confusion magic


Bubble. Uses Bound Weapon magic


Moon. Uses enchanted weapons

Scarlet Rogue

Scarlet Rogue. Uses an enchanted sword and Fire magic

Blood Knight

Blood Knight. Uses an enchanted sword and Break magic

Jacklyn Royal

Jacklyn Royal. Uses Water magic

Sonata Fiorn

Sonata Fiorn. Uses Prism/Illusion magic

Shining Knight

Shining Knight. Uses an enchanted sword and Light magic


Oraculus. Uses Sight magic

 Hellen De Vil

Hellen De Vil. Uses Rage magic

Holy Cross Academy

Based around the idea of a safe haven for half-monsters disguised as the prestigious Holy Cross Academy. Once a year, on Halloween, the students transform into their monster forms. There are two transformation categories; Passive and Aggressive. Passive students change but keep ahold of their minds. Aggressive students transform completely, forgetting everything about their human forms and attacking other types of monsters. As soon as the sun rises, though, everyone reverts to human and the campus is closed so everyone can recover. Other than that, the grounds function as an actual school. There are four houses; Red (leadership/politics), Blue (scholarship/academics), Purple (art/culture), and Green (athletics/sportsmanship). The head of each house, as well as their seconds/ deputies, are shown below. The deputies are all half angel, and their job is to keep the Passives safe during Halloween. There's a casual Spring Festival and a fancy Winter Gala every year.

GAME: RinmaruGames, Mega Anime Avatar Creator || http://www.dolldivine.com/x-girl.php

Alexander 1

Alexander Queensman, head of the Red House

Alexander 2

Alexander Queensman, Spring Festival

Alexander 3

Alexander Queensman, Winter Gala

Alexander 4

Alexander Queensman, during Halloween (Vampire)

Catherine 1

Catherine Deverley, head of the Blue House

Catherine 2

Catherine Deverley, Spring Festival

Catherine 3

Catherine Deverley, Winter Gala

Catherine 4

Catherine Deverley, during Halloween (Witch)

Lucille 1

Lucille Marchmain, head of the Purple House

Lucille 2

Lucille Marchmain, Spring Festival

Lucille 3

Lucille Marchmain, Winter Gala

Lucille 4

Lucille Marchmain, during Halloween (Cat Queen)

Vincent 1

Vincent Thorali, head of the Green House

Vincent 2

Vincent Thorali, Spring Festival

Vincent 3

Vincent Thorali, Winter Gala

Vincent 4

Vincent Thorali, during Halloween (Demon Lord)

Theodore 1

Theodore, deputy of the Red House

Theodore 2

Theodore, Halloween

Elise 1

Elise, deputy of the Blue House

Elise 2

Elise, Halloween

Jonathan 1

Jonathan, deputy of the Purple House

Jonathan 2

Jonathan, Halloween

Liam 1

Liam, deputy of the Green House

Liam 2

Liam, Halloween


Three teams, each from a different dressup game ("sci-fi geek", "video game avatar", and "mega steampunk") do battle, bracket style. I also wanted to see how pretty I could make someone so there's a 'beauty' person one ach team too (doubling as team leader)

GAME 1: RinmaruGames, Video Game Avatar || http://www.rinmarugames.com/playgame.php?game_link=video-game-avatar-creator
GAME 2: RinmaruGames, Sci-Fi Geek || http://www.rinmarugames.com/playgame.php?game_link=science-fiction-geek-dress-up-game
GAME 3: RinmaruGames, Mega Steampunk || http://www.rinmarugames.com/playgame.php?game_link=mega-steampunk-dress-up-game

Android Assassin

Android - Assassin

Android Healer

Android - Healer

Android Gunner

Android - Gunner

Android Assassin

Android - Swordsman

Android Healer

Android - Tank

Android Gunner

Android - Beauty/Leader

Fantasy Assassin

Fantasy - Assassin

Fantasy Healer

Fantasy - Healer

Fantasy Gunner

Fantasy - Gunner

Fantasy Assassin

Fantasy - Swordsman

Fantasy Healer

Fantasy - Tank

Fantasy Gunner

Fantasy - Beauty/Leader

Steampunk Assassin

Steampunk - Assassin

Steampunk Healer

Steampunk - Healer

Steampunk Gunner

Steampunk - Gunner

Steampunk Assassin

Steampunk - Swordsman

Steampunk Healer

Steampunk - Tank

Steampunk Gunner

Steampunk - Beauty/Leader